No, Harry

SUMMARY: Whenever Harry asks Liam for something, or to do something he always gets the same answer. “No, Harry.” But what happens when Liam says yes? Just once? Because that’s all Harry wants to hear from his long-time crush.


"Please, Liam?" I asked, looking up at him with big green eyes. "No, Harry." Liam sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. Liam was my best friend in the entire world and I always tried to impress him. But whenever I tried to do something to get on his good side, he always told me ‘no’, or ‘stop’. I was starting to get the feeling that Liam didn’t like me as much as I liked him. I know what you’re thinking - Harry, stop being an immature 15-year old. But, hey, I can’t help it. I’m insecure and I’ve never felt like I was good enough for anyone or anything. Maybe it was because of Liam, or maybe it was because of Niall. Every time I tried to talk to Niall he’d always shut me out. And he’d always make up terrible excuses, too. He’d say that he was too busy hanging out with his other friends. That’s one thing that really got to me. Niall would talk about his other friends all the time, whenever we were together. He’d make me feel like crap - but I’m not sure if it was his intention or not. Probably not, because Niall’s a really sweet guy. It’s just, sometimes I don’t like feeling left out. I don’t think I’ve ever liked that feeling. In fact, it sucks.

But enough about me, or about Niall. This is about Liam. Liam’s always hated me for some reason. Yet, I consider him to be my best friend. I know he doesn’t like me. But I don’t know why. Y’know? It’s hard to explain. He’s just.. weird, I guess. But he’s not really all that weird to me - if that even makes sense. Does any of this even make sense? Probably not. But, um, yeah. He doesn’t like me and I’m determined to find out. I’m the kind of person that if someone doesn’t like me, I need to know why they don’t like me. I can’t just sit around and wait for them to like me. I usually end up changing myself to get people to like me. And I’ve tried to change myself, especially for Liam. He just doesn’t care. He won’t even look at me. And it hurts because I want to feel wanted. But I’m not wanted. At least I don’t think I am.

At least… not by who I want to be wanted by. Wow, I’m being ridiculous. Okay, Harry, focus. Just focus on Liam and use your super cute powers to persuade him to do something. Persuade him to say something other than “no, Harry”. I shuffled over to him - okay, more like crawled - and pawed at his leg cutely. He looked down at me and I looked up at him, my green eyes wide with innocence. I wanted him to come play with me. I wanted him to come do something with me. I wanted him to say something to me. Something other than “no, Harry”, because I was tired of hearing that. I was tired of being told “no”. “Haz..” Liam breathed, looking down into my eyes for what felt like the first time in forever. A small, cheeky smile spread on my lips and I continued pawing at his leg.

"Harry, stop." Liam frowned. Stop. Had I done it again? Had I managed to annoy Liam, somehow? “Bu-” I was going to protest, but then Liam was on the floor, sitting beside me. And I think something clicked in his mind because he was using his knees to support his weight and he was getting so close to me. So… close. And before I could do anything, my arms were wrapping around his neck and I was pulling him closer because I was anticipating my first kiss. He was hovering over me, now, and my back was against the cold, wooden floor. He was sitting between my legs and our lips were so close. And I could taste him on my breath and I just wanted his lips pressed to mine. I leaned up, trying to figure out why Liam’s lips weren’t locked to mine yet. Maybe I had done something wrong again.

And then Liam’s hips rocked against mine, and I wasn’t sure if it was by accident or not. My eyes shot open and I looked up at Liam, blushing a rosy red. “Er— I didn’t know how to get your attention.” He admitted. “A simple “No, Harry” would’ve been fine.” I sighed, using my elbows to support my weight as I tried to sit up. “No, Harry-” Liam sighed and looked down, “I mean.. Don’t..” Liam soon had his hand on my chest and he gave it a soft push and I was pressed against the floor again, with Liam hovering over me. So this would be the second time Liam almost kissed me. In one day. Maybe I was on the right track. I leaned up once more, this time careful not to rush things. I could feel his breath on my face and my eyes shut even tighter because I just wanted his damn lips pressed against mine. But that’s when the front door opened and Liam quickly pulled himself away from me. I sat up and bit my lower lip as I spotted my mum walking in. “Hi, mum.” I smiled.

"Where’s the loo?" Liam asked, bringing himself up on his feet. I looked up at him and slowly stood, too. "It’s upstairs, walk down the hall, turn to the left, second door there." I said and Liam gave me this look that said are-you-fucking-kidding-me, so I took his hand and made my way up the stairs, pulling him behind me. I walked down the hall, turned to the left and brought him to the second door. "Just find my room when you’re done, mate." I shrugged, shoving my hands in my pockets and shuffling to the fifth room, opening the door and stepping inside. I sat down on the edge of my bed, looking down. I let out a soft sigh and frowned because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Liam wouldn’t kiss me. And it wasn’t my fault - was it? I barely even touched him. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the door to my bedroom open. I looked up and smiled when I saw Liam. “L-Liam?” I asked nervously. “Hmm?” He asked, his teeth swallowing his lower lip, his eyebrows arched slightly. He gulped loudly and slowly stood up and that’s when I heard it, again. “No, Harry.” Liam mumbled, walking over to me and sitting me back down on the bed. He sat beside me and took my hand, smiling genuinely. And he looked so gorgeous next to me, he always looked gorgeous. “Why won’t you kiss me?” I asked, looking over at Liam. Liam sighed and looked back to the door, then back to me. He laid me down and sat between my legs again. I felt my breath hitch and then I felt his lips on my skin. His lips were on my neck, pressing delicate, sweet kisses up my neck and to my jaw. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach because I was so nervous and he was so close to me.

"Liam," I breathed out, gasping. Liam smiled up at me and slowly brought his lips to mine. I hooked my arms up around Liam’s neck, my legs around his waist, pulling his body flush against mine because I had been waiting so long for this moment to come. I had waited so long for Liam to kiss me and he finally did and it felt amazing and — ow! I fell out of my bed and onto the floor. I opened my eyes and Liam wasn’t there. Had I dreamed the whole thing?

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